Residential property - fixed fee products

Please note all prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.

Buying or selling a residential property

This cost will depend on the value of the property, whether mortgages are involved and whether it is freehold or leasehold. So we have found it is best if you ring us for a no obligation quote. T: 01983 562201


This includes dealing with the new lender's requirements, obtaining search insurance (where required) repayment of the old mortgage, registration at the land registry.

Remortgage of a single residential property - £300

Please ring us to find out what the expenses will be as things like the search insurance land registry fee are linked to the value of the property.

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

If you are renting out a property is it important to have an appropriate agreement which sets out the relevant duties and responsibilities of landlord and tenant in respect of dwelling house.

Tenancy agreement (AST) - £120

Declaration of Trust (co-owners agreement)

Where two or more people buy a property they may not want to share the value of the property equally and may want to set out how they are to share the ongoing costs of a mortgage or other property related costs.

Declaration of Trust - £330