Wills, probate, tax and trusts

Our Wills & Probate team is dedicated to helping you deal with the law as it relates to later life and death. We understand the enormous stress of bereavement and have helped thousands of clients through this most difficult of times.

Our services include:

  • Making, amending and storing wills (simple wills, complicated wills - nothing is too easy or too difficult!)
  • Creating lasting powers of attorney (which pass on powers to make legal decisions in event that a person becomes unable, through age or infirmity, to act on their own behalf)
  • Registering enduring powers of attorney (these were superseded by lasting powers of attorney in 2007)
  • Dealing with a deceased person’s affairs and getting grants of probate (‘probate’ is the legal term used for the procedure that certifies a will as valid)
  • Acting as executors of large and small estates (carrying out will instructions)
  • Providing tax advice (ensuring your assets are passed on to your loved ones and not snapped up by the government - if your assets, including your house, are worth over £300k you really should seek tax advice)
  • Setting up trusts (ensuring that minors or disabled relatives are cared for)
  • Dealing with intestacies (an ‘intestacy’ is when somebody dies without leaving a will)
  • Dealing with disputes over Wills and inheritances
  • Helping with long term care
  • Court of Protection work (where somebody becomes unfit to manage their own affairs)

We offer the best, competitively priced, Will writing service on the Isle of Wight. Wills are generally offered on a fixed fee basis but we sometimes offer free will writing services in partnership with a number of charitable organisations so it's worth enquiring to see whether or not we have any promotions running!

We are members of Solicitors for the Elderly and are happy to undertake home visits (or visits to hospitals and care homes) as necessary.

We adhere to the STEP Code for Will Preparation in England and Wales, details of which can be found here.

For our fixed fee products, a quote, or for further information, please contact us.

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