standard-title Equality and diversity

Equality and diversity

Equality and diversity

At RJR Solicitors we recognise our obligation to promote equal opportunity and diversity.

Accordingly we will not to discriminate (either as an employer or as a service provider) such that a person is less favourably treated on the basis of their:

  • race, ethnic origin, nationality or skin colour
  • sex or sexual orientation
  • gender reassignment 
  • marriage or civil partnership
  • pregnancy and maternity
  • religious beliefs
  • willingness to challenge harassment, leading to victimisation
  • disabilities, sensory impairments or learning difficulties
  • age
  • membership of a trade union or activities associated with membership

We will provide legal services that are free from discrimination and which respect the diversity of our client community and will take such steps as may be appropriate to promote equal opportunity in regard to the community we serve.

Our staff recruitment will be open and accessible to all, with appointments based solely on individual merit.

We will treat any complaints of discrimination seriously: all complaints of discrimination being investigated promptly in accordance with either the firm’s grievance or complaints procedure.

We will seek objective feedback to monitor the effectiveness of our Equality & Diversity procedures and policies.