Commercial Property & Business Law

Our team of experienced commercial lawyers, led by Nick Gale, provide a host of business orientated services including:

  • Commercial leases, renewals and rent reviews
  • Buying and selling commercial property
  • Buying and selling businesses
  • Company share sales
  • Property development
  • Company law and shareholder agreements
  • Partnerships
  • Commercial contracts

We pride ourselves on our practical advice in relation to what can be complex transactions.

Commercial leases and renewals and rent reviews

Commercial leases are very different beasts to residential leases. We are well practised in the creation (grant) of leases, their renewal, rent reviews, and what happens at the end of the lease. If you are looking to grant a lease or take up a lease for the first time then an initial conversation with us will be of benefit. First time tenants may also like to review the attached note on commercial leases: What to know before you start looking… (PDF file, approx 400K)

Buying and selling commercial property

Our clients vary from the novice to the very experienced when it comes to commercial property. We therefore tailor our service to the particular requirements of the client and the actual transaction. We are also authorized by the main banks to act for them on a commercial mortgage so you do not have to have two solicitors involved.

Buying and selling businesses

These vary from the small and straightforward to the large and complex. It can involve so much more than just buying the business premises: equipment (some of which may be leased), employees being transferred, contracts with suppliers and customers, special licences (e.g. premises licences), VAT considerations. If you have not bought or sold a business before then talk to us at any early stage – and benefit from our experience.

Company share sales

In contrast to the buying or selling actual assets and goodwill, sometimes (usually for taxation reasons) the actual shares in a company are sold. This is usually a more complicated and expensive way to acquire a business but we can steer you through the minefield.

Property development

From the acquisition of land (whether by outright purchase or via an option) through to the sale of the completed units we can offer an experienced but cost effective service to the property developer.

Company law and Shareholder Agreements

From formation to dissolution we can assist. Many small companies overlook the benefit of having shareholders agreements – until the time when there is a dispute between the shareholders when it may be too late!


Many businesses operate as partnerships with no written agreement – which means they are dependent on the rules imposed by statute, which is rarely what they want. We can offer basic partnership agreements for a simple two person business through to complex industry-specific agreements.

Commercial contracts

They come in all shapes and sizes. If you need guidance on a commercial contract, whether it is for a one off transaction or part of an ongoing relationship, we are happy to assist.

Commercial property and business law team